Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sun,Rain and Memories!

The season seems so unpredictable at times,Sun,sunlight and rain here.
Every kind of weather is fun.
Rose up with the morning sun drifting into the living room,it washes the rooms.

Sun is "breaking" through in the morning.
Sunlight "glistens".
Sunlight "falling like snowflakes,gleaming yellow and so bright".

A Frangipani(Champa) flower taking all the attention from the Sun.
I look amazed at the shadow the flower has made,unusually long.
Suddenly Dark chains locked the sun away.

Afternoons are cloudy,overcast.
Then its time for "Umbrella fun".
Look through the Nelmohar,find the clouds ready to shed their tears.

Enjoying the beauty of the blue colour and the pattern of the branches the tree has grown into.

Rain is beautiful like a "Swan".

The "glorious rain" falls.A white Periwinkle drops from the plant in one of my pots due to the heavy rain.I enjoy the beauty of it.

Fallen Periwinkle flower finds a place in the home happily floating in a glass.
Cool rain and warm tea.
Nights are cold again and deep outside.
Manju Kapurs,"a married woman" keeps me company through the rain.
I am listening to rain and tasting the seasons.
As I listen I drift away to flooded memories.
As my hands entwined around a mug of tea,it takes me home near my mothers tea sets,part of her bridal trousseau.
They were sets in elegant white and gold,pink florals.
The sets speak of the volumes of tea which were served to the guests at our home.
Isolated pieces of them still remain.

At home there wasn't a separate tea ceremony as such.
I still remember the call at home "Bring water in the vessel to boil to make tea, please.Its raining.."The pan is put to boil whenever the craving strikes for a refreshing cuppa.
Enjoying the fullness and the emptiness in these small glasses.
Drinking tea,enjoying it remained an aesthetic experience even today.

Rain still haunts me ,brings back memories I cherish.
Hey all you out there,its morning and sun is shining.
The warmth of sun gave hope anew.

I stand waiting for the rain.
You all keep looking for more memories and have good days ahead.


  1. beautiful pictures !! and it was lovely reading it !!!

    sounds so simple yet so beautiful !

  2. thanks hitchwriter ,I am pleased by your lovely comments.Always nice to hear that your small every day stories are read and loved.Thanks for loving it.

  3. Those tree photographs are mesmerizing!

  4. nice words to go with the pictures :)

  5. amazing pictures!! Love the umbrella one!! You seem to be enjoying the rain!! And more I read your posts... the more I'm missing the rains... For us its only Summer now!!!!

  6. Thanks Priya,mE and Patricia for all your loving comments.

  7. Beautiful photos Lakshmi, I loved the one of the frangipani's on the book....superb 3D effect of sorts.

    Such lovely memories of rain and tea! Now you've made me think of mine too ;-)

  8. Thanks Shalini.Nice to hear that you found 3D effects in my photo.Lovley praise.You are too generous my dear.Its nice that I could make u think of yours too.

  9. Enjoy the rains.
    Great pics, as always!
    Keep it up!


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