Monday, July 20, 2009

Monsoon Romances

The fragrance of wet mud, rain drops sliding from leaf tops, a hot cup of tea and peanuts,collecting fallen plumerias fallen down,the yellow old leaves fallen from the trees,.. a perfect monsoon dream. ...Thinking of "My date" with raindrops,hot cuppa chai and the rest of monsoon magic........

Today when it rained it was the Jamuns which gave me company.A simple cover of the magazine with umbrellas intrigued me.*It was a bliss seeing the plumerias on the small centre table,the diffused light gave me a thrill.
The monsoons are in love with me .They have travelled with me all the way from South to the North India.I am now feeling at home and looking forward for a walk in the rain.
I close my eyes and can listen to my grandmas Soothing Rain ,Ragas "Amrutavarshini and Malhar " and her fairy tale stories.Its true , when Hanuman set Lanka on fire,the mighty Ravan played "Amrutavarshini "on his Veena to bring Rain.Rain must be falling on the old tiled roofs far South.I can imagine rain dripping from the palm leaves.The sea might have broken in a long line and slipped back on the beach where we used to play.Water standing in pools on the gravel path.Rain is pouring outside and theres Romance in mind.It poured and washed away my tears,Tears from the endless heaven of memories.
I think its raining there for all of you.Let the harmony of rain bind all of us.
Into each and every life some rain has to fall.


  1. to be honest, i clicked on your blog because i have a friend in seattle with your name... then i read thru your blog and am loving it... glad i found you... pam

  2. This is lovely.... All the images are so impressive... and you truly are in love with the monsoons.....

    Oh.. how I wish I was there as well...

  3. Thanks for bringing us the feeling of rain, Lakshmi!

    Lovely post that shows us so well how you feel about the rain.

  4. First pic is wonderful... I was thinkin how you edited... than I read its a cover of the magazine... !!! beautiful...

  5. Lovely pictures of the flowers. I could feel the rain there, but there is none here!

  6. It did rain! Check out my post. Thanks.

  7. Simply a Beautiful post. Loved the shots, and the words too :)

  8. Thanks all my dear friends for the lovely comments.


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