Monday, July 13, 2009

Sea,Sand and vacations

We are back after a vacation from Kerala.
A lovely vacation on the

sunblanched,sunkissed white sea shore.endless ,Irresistible beaches,incessant blue waves boisterously clamouring among white groves of coconuts just stop short and border the frills of the beach.waiting for each wave after wave after wave was fun.enjoying them on the feet.walking hand in hand.watching our little one holding her daddy's hand took me back to my childhood with my Dad.
 sat watching my little ones feet,thinking of the old times when my Mom would have sat watching at me.
making castles with my little one for the waves to carry them along....picking shells..
watching we start packing she says this is the last wave to be touched,the last one and the last one went on and on.....

*All were Cherished Moments
A time well spent reflecting on things that made us happy and calm.
Wait for some more beaches ......


  1. Hi,
    TY for dropping by. Now, your talking, giving me drolls. I really missed home.

    Summer here is still so cold. Love all your posts.

    Have a happy Tuesday.

  2. lovely memories of a wonderful vacation :)

  3. What wonderful memories, and what a great way to spend the summer. Nothing like a little reminiscence.

  4. The scenes that always happen with me when on the beach... feet soaked with beach sand... collecting shells... How shame I always forget to trap them in my camera. Kudos to you.

  5. Will surely go through your rainy shots.

  6. I love your photography! Beautiful banner.

  7. Thanks Richie,Shilpa,Shalini,Sekhar,and Arya.
    Thanks Richie for visiting my blog,
    Thanks Shalini my dear friend for always being there for me.i love you.
    Thanks Sekhar ,i welcome you to my blog
    Thanks Shilpa for the lovely comments
    Thanks Arya, for loving mt photos.I welcome you to my blog.


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