Saturday, July 11, 2009

Remembering those gorgeously colourful "Days"-Vacations...

Back in Delhi,away from the monsoons down South.Back in thoughts,a wistful desire to return in thought.Thoughts still bind me to the land of velvety carpet of brilliant green and sloping sunbaked roofs.
Lazy moments at home,call of my Amma, all left behind miles away.morning ragas sung by my grandma.
Children learning music and veena at home.Still missing the pale afternoon sunlight and thick rain clouds behind them and the rains throughout the night.Smell of wet earth.
Gusty winds blowing the gulmohar flowers off the trees,rains lashing our windows.Its too diffcult to set my mind on anything here,but i ought to ..
Am i crying?,Yeah,a drop or two in the eyes,let me wipe it unknowingly..
Have loads to share with you all.,
Do wait for me while I drag me from my Romantic thoughts.


  1. wow Lakshmi.. Love the way you write... Simply love your photographs...

    Come back soon from your thoughts.. and write more happier stuff.. Cant wait!!

  2. Love all your photos...but you know that already! Really heartfelt post, can feel your emotion.

  3. Like u said, nostalgia is divine. So beautiful and pure, it grips you like nth else does. Great pics and b'ful moments wrapped around.

  4. Hi Lakshmi,
    Thanks for the comments !
    This post of yours is very nostalgic.. Funny though: your post talks about your vacation in Kerala , and I am from Kerala :)

    Love the harmonium image . All your images render a wondrous "traditional-Indian-home" feel !
    -Aswathy (stripesandshadows.blogspot)


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