Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It Rained in Jeolikot..Enjoy the rains with me !

It rained incessantly when we were at jeolikot.
You should see it when it rains...
I was looking at the mountains when it started to rain.
We got wet and the wetness transpired a new joy into us
It rained on the red roofs,through the ivy covered walls of the "Cottage" where we were staying
The pitter patter through the roofs was indeed sounding nice but scary
Lights went on and off ,but there awaited a candle light dinner
The mornings after the rains were cool and chilly
The flowers drooped due to the heavy rains
Some of them had rain drops all over
Some of them dropped petals and leaves all around
Seemed as though a mystery surrounded the rains in Jeolikot


  1. This is such an amazing time of the year. Feels rejuvenated, and fresh. Pictures are really nice, and the garam chai ki pyali is the most appropriate one :)

  2. Hi Lakshmi, this is a beautiful post, lovely photographs and moments captured. Very romantic, I am reminded of the visuals in ''Mera kuchh saamaan'' from Ijaazat!!!

  3. Such a romantic feel to all the photos....love the shot of the tea cup with the floral tablecloth in the bg.

  4. Aww the joy and happiness oozing out of this post :) Wonderful expressions! Gr8 pics!


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