Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kashi Art Cafe-Fort Kochi

"Kashi Art Cafe" A Quaint cafe that houses an art gallery showcasing the finest works by contemporary artists,a relaxed space where art meets the enthusiast.An airy tropical garden cafe with a restful ambiance.The interiors of cafe gave us the feeling of being in an oldmansion with a story to tell.

Situated in one of the colourful streets of Fortkochi was the cafe.Architecture resembled the traditional Kerala,have a seat outside the cafe and look into the streets.Todays menu was dispalyed on the black board outside

Who wouldn't not love to sit here under this shade?

A closer view of the Sivalingam and the Shadows, as you enter and so its name Kashi (God Shiva)

Surrounded by green,lends a tropical feel and an unusual coolness in the air

An old antique vessel for heating water and tea
Inbuilt seating arrangements and i loved the use of two colors on the walls


Its simply great!


  1. Looks really lovely! I'd love to sit in the courtyard there, it just looks so dreamy!

  2. What a charming place! It has been a long time since I visited Kochi, and have been wanting to go there. Thanks for this - I will certainly keep it in mind when I do go there!

  3. Now I'm itching to travel. I love looking down new streets and wondering what I'm going to find. Great post!

  4. Wow! Thatz one awesome place :) Lovely pics and thanks for sharing!

    First time here .. nice blog!

  5. i have heard so much about kashi art cafe, so i'm glad to see it in pictures here. this is one place i'll definitely be visiting.


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