Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To Autumn .........

I can smell the seasons change.Isnt that smell wonderful?My usual morning walks.Still the leaves are green in Delhi,
but the season is autumn...

*leaves of red and brown fluttering down the tree tops
*shimmering and glittering leaves
*leaves in the park are swept to one heap
*little one busy collecting leaves of different colors
*air smells lovely
*beautiful colors of the day
*blinding light flooding through the window into the corners of my home
*anticipation of winter
*beginning of festivals
*the sound of the leaves crunching by my feet
*wanting to sleep more in the mornings

Autumn is a season we love:

*love the crisp,cooler air in the mornings and night
*love to see the vibrant changing leaves of the trees
*love to decorate and redecorate
*love living to my senses
*learning and loving the season

Enjoy the season everyone...


  1. beautiful imagery!
    hibiscus, champa and shiuli (harshringar) conjures up the festival sights...
    and I can almost feel the rain in your pictures.

  2. Autumn is my favourite season too..i just love the play of colours that nature plays at this time...with just a tinge of cold int he air..

    the first pic is vey nice..

  3. Lovely, lovely post. It takes us on the journey with you. I love the shot of the hibiscus!

    I know what you mean about wanting to sleep more in the mornings!

  4. Thanks Urban green,Jagriti and Shalini for the ,lovley comments and appreciation


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