Sunday, November 29, 2009

Winter Mornings..

*on winter mornings the house is still dark and cold and then the alarm rings
*cuddling in bed on cold winter morning
*i drag myself out of the bed
*hot elachi tea boiling in the kitchen
*the cold breeze makes it way when i open the door leading to the balcony.
*it hits my face softly
*loving the golden glow of the winter morning sun
*sunlight fills my living room,creating patches of warmth
*adash of pink bright cushions bring in cheer to the winter
*romancing with my pink cushions
*lot of guests at home during winter
*drawing and painting with my little one
*mythical and magical flowers of rajnigandha in the living room
*the heavy fragrance of the flowers filling the corners of the home
*you never forget your experience with tuberoses,
*enjoying the winter sun in all corners of the home
*enjoy the season,a nip in the air and a warm blanket around you.
*enjoy your day!


  1. Your poem makes even winter look glamorous!

  2. I love cushions in bright colours and keep collecting cushions in different textures and colours..I hv a flair penchant for colours the outcome of which i started a blog.Check my blog..

    Deepa Raman

  3. You're so good with creating a world just from words alone. Love your description. It's been years since I experience such cold and I'm both wary and excited. You make it sound so romantic though :-)

  4. Hey i could almost feel what u were feeling..u write very descriptively..Thanks for ur comment too dear.I promise to provide even more through my blog


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