Monday, November 16, 2009

A Rainy Day at home......and a Banana leaf ..

rainy days were there again.....they arrived along with me to our home town.moist red earth with a' cacophony of green' green moss on the walls,ferns fill the crevices of the walls:
giving me company is "Where the rain is born",compilation of excerpts from great authors.

All of my favourite things on a banana leaf platter,tea, books and raindrenched flowers and leaves..are the rains coming with a singing note,I thought they the writer "MT"says rain is like a mother,it bursts out when you least expect it to ,when you go close,thinking it is in a good mood in remembrance of things past,I listened to very old music,played with harmonium,sang old songs during when it rained,I lazed on the bed and remembered all thats old that i could the wild thrashing of coconut palms on the windows this rains,woke me up from my small afternoons naps did the raindrops make craters on the ground?still remembering the the sundive through the holes and rafters of the old traditional house we have down south the sky visited my house as raindrops and sunlight, filtering through the holes in the mouldering palm leaf thatch always used to look at the patterns it makes and sometimes felt they danced in our rooms...
seated on the old bed on the verandah,i used to look at the rains and the moonthe sharp distant sound of a pebble hitting the water in the well, "clung",we used to play throwing pebbles of different sizes,the bigger the pebble the stronger the sound...memories stab my beautiful the solitude was when it rains startled by the call of ,Amma crying out our names to have Kanji(porridge with rice)...its time to leave you all in solitude.hope i got you all into my world for a small time..


  1. Lovely pics! And yes..i was transported to another place...and was reminded of the rainy days of our childhood.. :)

  2. It rained here also yesterday night and made the morning commute a little more difficult :D

    Sorry for sharing such a mundane thought when you have such brilliant ones.

  3. Thanks Priya and Mridula for th lovley thoughts about the post.
    Mridula:It rained heavily here also yesterday night.The rain just coincided with the posting of this particular post.Kept on saying to myself,the rains are in love with me ...and went off to sleep

  4. Hi Lakshmi, thanks for dropping by. Loving both your sites - the pictures are so wonderful and refreshing!

  5. rain droplets and the flower are a perfect match...i love nature


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