Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the days gone by....with kancheepurams and marigolds

*festivities are over
*but still i here a cracker or two in the air,is it of a marriage in the park nearby?
*been away from blogging for awhile
*many a things happened during the autumn
*autumn passed with contemplation
*my little one turned five
*another birthday passed by:
*I turned a year younger :)
*lots of dreams and aspirations
*my brother got married
*been to Kerala
*enjoyed the radiant evenings at home
*jewellery,malii poo flowers,marigolds,kancheepurams and laughter
*so nice to be with all at home
 *Its great to be back.thanks to all of you for checking on me.Have a  great weekend everyone!


  1. You have a great weekend as well..Such lovely sarees.. such lovely pics..

    How nice to be home with family .. specially for a wedding!!

  2. Beautiful pictures and beautiful verses.

  3. Gorgeous sarees, both of them...the one at the back really intrigues me with its colors.

  4. Beautiful pictures and a stunning saree..


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