Monday, October 18, 2010

"today is the miracle"

Today.Life is lived in the present. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is yet to be.Today is the miracle.
(Unknown author)

I love reading quotes
i think of life and the moment called present
the colour blue in mind
drinking sugarless chai,one of the recent accomplishments
would you all like to join in?
the flowers of Alstonia Scholaris still not bloomed
the blooming coincides with the festival season
we did enjoy navaratri and saraswati pooja
i enjoyed the holidays my little one
the fragrance of marigold lit lamps filled the house
loving the smell of dhoop and agarbattis
Reading amarchitra katha is one of the recent past times for us
A farm stay near Manesar brought in an inner peace within..(more later)

how about the combinations of green and red cushions in the living room?
very very traditional,isnt it?
making some cushion covers from moms old sarees
my gardener plans to bring saplings of seasonals
its the time of winter here after a month and i hope my terrace blooms with flowers....
I think i am forgetting today is it so...
did the future come into my mind?
it happens...once in a while...enjoy today


  1. I love this---I'm a strong believer in today is the miracle (thought I love to plan for the future and do dwell a little in the past as well!).

    Lovely pictures as usual. When I make my trip to India, I'm bringing back a bunch of amar chitra kathas as well.... :)

  2. SO true....Nepsi, this is so you...loved the quote and the post!!! Couldn't resist commenting on this...


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