Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Once again i greet autumn light.I wandered from one room to the other searching for the softer tones of light.Autumn light pours into the room and dances on my walls in the early morning hours.A mixed fragrance at home todaySome lilies on the chest and their intoxicating fragrance.I dug out some old lovable antiques,my betel nut cracker.The purity of the white hibiscus,nothing can beat it...staged some of them and took some images.There were marigolds for puja at home.Still my hands have the everlasting fragrance of pichipoo.

some of the moods at home today....

All ideas and images conceived by Lakshmi Arvind
Pl dont copy them or steal them


  1. Loved your writing and amazing photos. wishing you a day filled with the fragrance of Jasmine.

  2. thanks ashwathi for the lovely comments...thanks for your lovely wishes

  3. some lovely photographs ..... and yes good to see that beetle nut cracker.


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