Thursday, October 21, 2010

bougainvillea home

Early morning country tea
its definitely cool these days in the morning
little mist in the air
a morning drive
walks in the parks
thinking of the walks in the Bougainvillea laced courtyards down south with tea in hand
walking past roses and bougainvilleas in the garden
Bougainvilleas blaze like jewels in the sunshine
golden sunshine lits up the room
a book not yet finished
"radiant raindrops of rajasthan" is it another word for the Bougainvilleas?
brighten your life with Bougainvillea.....

bougainvillea cafe,i use them a lot these days..
Bougainvillea,Bougainvillea.."radiant raindrops of rajasthan" aren't they?
a peaceful moment,a wonderful moment captured

some illustrations from the book

365 days the people make use of u think when you visit rajasthan?

brighten your life...with bougainvilleas and them both

all images and ideas conceived and clicked by Lakshmi Arvind


  1. That tray is fantastic. I love bougainvillea's too and yours look lovely in the brass vase.

  2. Love that tray and your compositions are beautiful, as always!

  3. B'vilae are my all time fav flowers - they are so pleasant...and I loved your pics...beautiful compositions!

  4. your creativity is awesome... i liked the above snapshots very much.....

  5. all images and ideas: wonderful and refreshing just like a hot cup of freshly brewed tea, just as the petals of pretty-pink bougainvillea...


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