Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lovely Morning and Ponmudi

Having spent a peaceful night among the hills,we woke up to a lovely morning .I hoped that we would be able to see the sunrise,but alas if theren't much of clouds.It was too cloudy and misty and cold as it rained the whole night.The earth was wet and we could feel the wetness and the cold creeping through was wonderful...The morning chai  was hot and it kept us warm.Some small yellow hill flowers and plumeria from my morning walk.A small rivulet on the way that made all of us playful and so many photographs made my day..




These made my day and i hope they made yours too...These made my days definitely brighter and put me in a good mood

Images courtesy:Lakshmi Arvind
Please do not use them without permission.Pl do not steal nor copy


  1. Very gorgeous pics..have a blessed day

  2. What a lovely relaxing way to spend your vacation. The walk looked really lovely. And I loved the shot of the tea cup on the pillar, I remember doing that when I was in Mussoorie's the hills that are so magical to us, isn't it!

  3. Each and every picture of yours has a story to tell.. if you put them individually I am sure I can imagine a different story behind each.. But the best thing about your pictures is the way you capture shadows.. simply beautiful

  4. thanks a lot christy,paul,shalz and Neha for your loving comments.


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