Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An evening in Ponmudi

 A Heavenly hill station and some treasured memories.A journey made during the last monsoons,last year when we went to the South.There were a treasure trove of images after the trip and till date couldn't finalise which ones were the better among  them.
Ponmudi,actually being near to our home,there isn't any need for a days stay there,but we stayed there to see the early sunrise.It was monsoon time and we generally couldn't guess the weather changing rapidly there from rainy into cloudy.. We stayed at "Golden Peak" the only hotel in the lower sanatorium.Theres an upper sanatorium also,where the hills drop down into valleys at all sides and the view is just amazing if there isnt much clouds.I am much of a nature lover ,but trying my hand at nature photography was for the first time.I hope the images will weave the story for my readers..

winding paths and the hairpin bends
dieties on the road
roadside prayers 

interesting small temples

almost reached the lower sanatorium

Hotel Golden Peak 

Small huts on the hill
a quick trip to the upper sanatorium

the view on the way

a lonely tree

rolling clouds,making their way for rain
way too windy,my little one and my dupatta
connectivity and hills

the light,my world filling light,in awe

i saw the rainbow and jumped in sheer joy

mists gathering on to the hotel side

rolling mists getting covered outside the room
 the most beautiful and the most wonderful view  

There were so many wonderful things that caught my eyes today.All things that i loved came down on earth a day for me.It happened as though I had a secret desire and the wish came true ..was it because i passionately wished for it..You all have a good nights sleep till i tell you what happened the next day...

all images courtesy Lakshmi Arvind.Please do not steal nor copy images.


  1. Wonderful pics Lakshmi and I so love the header pic...pretty gorgeous...

  2. Lakshmi--I feel like I'm experiencing it---these are some LOVELY photographs! Love love love that lone tree picture-- it's like art!

  3. Such a wonderfull place n stunning photography

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous place. And such dramatic shots, especially withe the stormy skies.

  5. Thank you for taking us to Ponmudi with you - absolutely gorgeous shots Lakshmi:)

  6. Lakshmi.. I so wanna tag along with you to wherever you go next.. The way you see normal things is amazing.. love the shot with sun light streaming in thru clouds.. I have to ask which camera do u use..

  7. thanks ,thanks a million for the lovely comments.these comments are what make my journeys more lovable.love you all


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