Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things and Little Things

The little things that makes life worthwhile.Enjoy the little things for once you may look upon back and realize that they are life's big  things.

The season of winter  in Delhi.Endless cups of tea in small teaglasses and some warm noodles.The coir mats are rolled and they make their way to thick carpets.Mine is a kalamkari one.Blankets in rainbow colours on the bed..A word of appreciation from the prestigious Indian decor and lifestyle magazine" Good Homes" for my blog.Its the first time for me in a print media and I am excited for that..Who doesn't like appreciations?Lifes little things make me happy this month.We celebrated Deepavali in low key compared to the last year.this time I have alittle 8 month old one crawling around me ,but even then the home was lit up in tealights in teaglasses and flowers and gheelit lamps.Let the gods blessings shower on us for a wonderful tomorrow....learn form yesterday,live for today and dream for the tomorrows..
that breeze and the plumeria

hot tea in small teaglasses

yummy noodles,comfort food

mats rolled
small plants in brass container

featured here..

deepavali,2011 at home

I am dreaming of better tomorrows..

images and ideas by Lakshmi do not copy nor steal images


  1. simply love your clicks and style... ! :) the noodle pic is awesome ! :D :D :P :P :P

  2. Oh ! This post made my day:)so much warmth and crisp and a lot lot happiness :)

  3. and, all i want to dream is of the yummy noodles on a wintery evening :)

    lovely, lovely shots all, laksh :)

  4. Certainly dreaming of a better tomorrow, while enjoying the little things of today,Life is simply beautiful! just like your blog:) thanks for sharing it with us Lakshmi


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