Tuesday, May 29, 2012

smells like summer...

summer scents smells light, it refreshes,it reminds me of all good times..
the summer in these fragrances..the plumerias and the fragrance of the handmade marbles at the delhi home
jackfruits and mangoes all the time at home,down south
sliced thin raw jackfruits that go into a preparation with coconut grinded with red chillies
mangoes that go with curd or eaten raw with little oil and sliced shallots..hmmm takes me down to the good old days at my grandmas,.
my dad still recognises the various native mangoes and still now i find it quite hard.
Photographing food
i never thought colocasia would become an ideal backdrop..
celebrating new beginnnings

the brilliant reds
the plumerias and their everlingering fragrance

jackfruits and mangoes

romantic setting..colocasia leaves

Life's like that..I enjoy each day as it comes..


  1. yes, so true. In the rush rush of everyday life, we often overlook these little beauties and joys.

  2. WOW Nepsi, beautiful Nostaligic shots...
    Miss those childhood days....it was so much fun then...
    Ever tried clicking water droplets on colocasia leaves...the effect is brilliant.
    Try it this monsoon...


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