Wednesday, May 2, 2012


In the beautiful month of I see they bloomed,the Gulmohars,the magical Gulmohars...I look out of my windows,and i see them out in the park,the streets in Delhi explode with these beautiful trees and it softens my heart and i remember the peak of summer vacations,the times when we stuck the yellow calyx on our fingers and pretended to be ones with beautiful nails,the times we waited with bated breath for the wind to blow and the mangoes to fall ,the looming powercuts and the beautiful hand fans,and the fragrant champas and so many lovely are the summer moments..
as i walk down the lanes
the magical gulmohars
on the way for pickles

the fragrant handfans
on the way to the hills...

All Images..courtesy Lakshmi Arvind


  1. happy summer to you too...........quite a tempting pics of the kaccha mangoes !!! yummy ...

  2. Thank you for telling the name of that tree.! We have plenty of them here too! Gulmohar - so nice!

  3. gorgeous photos. I love the vibrant red-orange.

  4. your posts are a pleasure to look at and read...lovely laksh :)

  5. thanks a lot dear friends for loving the images.


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