Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summers at home

Summer vacations at home..relaxing,unwinding and indulging. Summers are full of picture perfect images from the fallen mangoes,to the banana leaves to the huge colocasia leaves, to the amazing home cooked food,to the beach moments(the beach is a ten minute drive from our house)Hope this is a Summer album in the making.

a pile of books read ,taken it along with me to reread them..
the beautiful colocasia leaves,i am in love with them...truly and sincerely...yeah i am reading a poem sitting here..this makes me a true romantic

the lazy evenings at home

loved the red ones,red upside downs

freshly picked .from the kitchen gardens at home
 image:lakshmi arvind


  1. Gorgeous images. I love the shot of the books in the window. And those pink/purple leaves are amazing too.

  2. so very beautiful. I would love to step into your world for just one day.

  3. Hi Lakshmi, I stumbled upon your blog through Prisima and have fallen in love with your home decor and photos. Have been pinning your photos like have a lovely space, will keep checking you out...:-)


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