Saturday, May 18, 2013

a come back,and a summer breeze

 A Come back to the space here,it seems like along time..
it was an eventful spring and now a laid back summer time
Good times and Great Oldies at home down south
A  come back is like a beautiful summer time,laid back, to recline
or Is it a Summer Breeze?

"Cause you can feel it in the summer breeze
It's something in the trees
Some kind of long lost feeling
Sometimes it feels like there's something wrong
Something that we're doing
Or not doing, like we're far gone
Another way that maybe we forgot
But maybe we still need
And what am I not remembering
Cause I can feel it in the summer breeze
And it keeps calling me, it keeps calling me"(from Summer Breeze)

This was what the spring was for us:)-

the bauhinia tree flowered..we could see it from our balcony,it fell on to our terrace

in the parks

spring evening at home

spring light in corners

yellow yellow..

holi hangover at home

violets and vintage oleographs

greens and whites

1 comment:

  1. ... I thought I was the only person to have that 'spring feeling' of sometimes feeling a bit amiss - what we're doing or not doing... So when I read this post, I was moved to write to say thank you for writing that. And if you have any further thoughts on such breezes, to share your thoughts.
    Wishing you a wonderful summer!


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