Friday, May 31, 2013

the Summer that i left..

it was Summer time,
what a time it was...

School's over, 
the  months of may and june.
 Its lovely to have the sun shining ..
Thank god, for the  time of flowers,blooming heads of krishnachuras,the summer festivals,salads and the light summer kurtas..
in love with my summer whites and floral kurtas..i bought some new ones too..
we  left the summers in the north halfway and travelled to the south..
See the summer we left behind:)-
wasn't it wonderful?
the grace of the krishnachuras 

curtains,shadows prints and patterns

summer flower power..

the summer peace

a corner of the dining room

reds together

and the jobas too..
all images Lakshmi Arvind


  1. beautiful pictures, as usual... :) have happy summer!

  2. awesome pictures :)..lovely post Laksh

  3. Gorgeous shots Laksh. I love your neighbourhood, so full of flowers and trees.

  4. just Lovely

    can you follow please? blog:

  5. Awesome pictures. Have a nice holidays.

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  6. I would like to contact you regarding using one of your images in a poster. I am not sure if you would allow this or if you would charge for the royalty fee. Please provide an email address so that I can contact you

    1. Mark you can contact me at


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