Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The monsoons that followed me .....

A drizzle and then a heavy down pour for minutes as i sat to write this..That's me and monsoons!
The Monsoons never lost their way this time..and no wind could change its direction this time.It rained and rained and rained,till our heart and minds were full..how soothing was the nonstop rain and the nonstop rain songs in FM.

I always stepped out with my umbrella ..and in between a little prayer goes out to the people where severe erosion and floods happened!

how wonderful was it if we could travel back in time...childhood memories

dipping in nostalgia

the grace of the violets

always with an umbrella

some morning tea

to eat 

books ,the place,the wetness still remains

all images lakshmi arvind
do not copy


  1. beautiful rain series lakshmi :)

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Lovely pictures and lovely description of the rains, Lakshmi :)

  4. I love the rains just like you do, I always end up on your blog to bring some cheer to my day! Congratulations on maintaining such a beautiful blog


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