Monday, March 30, 2009

In Love with Summer Rain!

As I sit to write this post,I hear thunder at a distance.I think it's going to rain even today.
It showered continuously for two days in Delhi.The days have become pleasant,the mornings have become cold ,afternoons became overcast ,evenings became chilly and the waters are ice cold again.We went for long drives to enjoy the ongoing pleasant spell,we all know its the coolness before the scorching heat.
Some shots of the long drive:

It was windySuddenly we noticed the pretty pinks in profusion

Looks like the Gorgeous Pink Bouquet in the hands of a bride
Thought even I shall admire my foot:)
I simply dont know how to tell you all that I am in love with rain,from the time i have seen it and realized its rain.
Rain has captured my heart and stolen my soul.
I believe that I’ve lost control.
It’s a feeling I never want to go away.
I want to be with you every day,my Rain.
Rain reminds me of the light paperboats we used to make at home when we were children.It was my grand father who used to be with us for floating them.Rain water used to gush in front of our house ,our house was at a lower level.There used to be pools of water long after the rain is gone.It was fun at home.Memories flooding.
Rain reminds me of the lines of the beautiful poem composed by the Eminent Malayalam poet Sugathakumari ,titled "Rathrimazha"(Night Rain),where she compares the night rain to some young mad woman weeping,laughing and whimpering and sitting huddled up tossing her long black hair.Night rain being compared to the Pensive daughter of the dusky dark,who witnessed my love,who lulled me to sleep,gave more joy than the white moonlight,which gave me thrill with joy and laugh.Finally she says,let me tell you night rain,I know your music,kind and sad,your coming in the night,sobbing and weeping in the dawn and compares herself to a night rain.A lovely poem which I learnt in school still haunts me when its raining.
As I write this I see the clouds gathering and I switch on the lights in the room.
Finally rain comes tearing and roaring down,I run to close my balcony door.
Curtains fluttering in the wind and doormats wet.
Balcony is sprayed with full of water and the ferns and phillodendrons get new lease of life.

After posting this ,i think of the chai...

I can hear my little one crying out to the rain:
Pitter Patter raindrops,Pitter Patter Rain drops
Oh, where do you come from,You little drops of rain,
Pitter patter, pitter patter,Down the window pane?
They won't let me walk,And they won't let me play,
And they won't let me go Out of doors at all today.

all images lakshmi arvind


  1. Fantastic post's so incredible how the rain can have such an impact on us, our moods, our sense of joy and our outlook. As I write this, it's drizzling here in dubai got dark at 4pm, but it's been so dusty all day that I had to close the windows. I think I will go outside to enjoy the sprinkles!

    I love how you describe the rain, the flowers and your memories of rain. And you ended the article so perfectly with a cup of tea and bourbons!

  2. Thanks Shalini,glad that you love all that i write dear.You liked the tea and bourbons right.I really dont know,why I end up drinking pots of elaichi chai these days.might be coz i am sitting down,thinking, to write :)

  3. Namaste Lakshmi!

    Your blog is lovely ;-)

    I´ll put it on my favourites.

    Tks for your kind comments.

  4. Namaste from here too Fernanda miles away.
    Thanks for your lovely lovely comments.I am very much pleased to here that you loved my blog and it has soon become one of your favourites.Thanks once more.

  5. What a beautiful blog you have Lakshmi. I am glad I visited. YOur photography has me enthralled. I will definitely be a regular here from now on.

  6. Thanks a lot Priya.I am glad that you loved the photos and the blog very much.thanks for following too.I hope you know that I have another blog called celebrationsdecor .Please do visit and i wait for your lovely comments.

  7. Lakshmi what a lovely post... I love the cup of tea and bourbons! Can I join you..

    We've had rains in Dubai last week... and now we have the sun again.. I'm missing the rains.. and I sooo want it to rain again!

  8. Hi Patricia,Thanks for the lovely comments.As i am posting this reply,its quite raining here in delhi.Summer rains.From morning its been drizzling here.You are welcome to Delhi to enjoy the rains.

  9. Patricia,i invite you to enjoy the rains,tea and bourbons.

  10. This is so beautiful!! I love rain too :)


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