Thursday, February 25, 2010

of tea cups and better mornings...

*Perfect cup of tea...
*biscuits ,my favourite Marie..
*some left overs of the plum cake
*the smell of tulsi leaves,is it tulsi chai today or elaichi?
*making my little one drink milk:-)
*waiting for light to make its way in the corners
*my camera on" take" mode
*long walks in parks;
*Music in the morning
*some fresh flowers on the table
*flowers plucked fresh for god
*"coo" ing of doves at our windows
*Quick breakfasts 
**Its Morning hours,
*do pause and enjoy the sense of the day
  Have a good day!

a small compilation of the moods of different mornings.............
i take you all into my small world of "perfect teas and marie biscuits and fragrance and flowers".

i hope you all enjoyed this lovely journey,
pause and wait for more
do tell me how you enjoy your mornings..

Images and ideas conceived and photographed by LAkshmi Arvind
pl dont copy or steal


  1. Totally enjoyed tea morning chai with the marie biscuits and the smell of freshly picked flowers in cut little woven almost seems like there is a kolam pattern on floor from the reflection of the window in the first photo!

  2. awesome such a relaxing if to say "Aal izz Well "

  3. luvly pictures lakshmi! i am not much of a tea person, but i still can get the aroma :)

  4. Thanks Dithi,Devi and Sandeep.
    I am happy dithi u loved the reflection on the floor.
    Devi,lol Aalizz well,thanks dear.
    Sandeep,thanks for inspiring me .Ur images are also gorgeous and i get to study alot from that.

  5. Good gracious these are lovely! I should like a boxed set of cards with these photographs...think of the lovely notes one would be inspired to write to friends on such cards...

  6. fresh images from ur day..good to see

  7. Love every picture here, beautifully captured!!

  8. Each picture showcases the pure joy of having a steaming cup of your morning brew. Loved it :)

  9. your blog is sooooo beautiful !


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