Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Narcissus and Rains...

*Narcissus on my table 
*A kettle made a beautiful vase,
*Kettle where never tea was poured,but stored oil in my kitchen,innovative isnt it..?
*It made me think after i saw the image...
*Made me think about Greek mythology and Bed time stories
*Love and Myths go hand in hand..
*"Before the Rains" a beautiful movie 
*Passion has its price
*Frames by "Santosh Shivan"
*dreaming of Kerala
*love that blossoms in the woods
*love that finds an end nowhere
*exotic love affairs,touching and thought provoking.
*love without past taints of condenscension and guilt


  1. beautiful pictures and a magnificent mast :)

  2. thank you for visiting my blog :) and the lovely comments as well .
    Such pretty flowers missing my garden at home already :)

  3. Hey - love these pictures. Also, the first picture in your previous post (fog and the gate) makes me think of my childhood in India - just lovely. I wish I was there to walk in the foggy wonder as well :) Over here it is snowing a lot - maybe I should post some pictures of that.

  4. Oh that movie, swoon. Any Merchant & Ivory film for that matter. :)
    Thanks for the visits, I'm linking you to my sidebar!! You take beautiful pictures. xo

  5. thanks all for loving my images.Thanks Shilpa,Smrithi,Pinkdogwood and Gillian .
    Gillian:Thanks for visiting mine.I am adding you to my blog roll.Pl do come often.Its apleasure.will wait.

  6. I am very pleased to have found your your meditative photography and peaceful, so beautiful. I'm really enjoying reading back and embracing your images. Lovely.

  7. Hey Lakshmi,
    That's an romantic post!
    Lovely series !
    The masthead shot reminds me of your "inside outside" shot ..the glass window and the round pillows look quite like them.The shot itself is quite inviting, the tea cup adding warmth and as if beckoning to sit outside on the stone bench and cherish the moment.Striking red adding drama.

  8. Hey Lakshmi,

    Lovely..lovely shots!.. in all of your feb posts.

    And lovely header pic too :)

  9. Lovely photos...The movie was available on Emirates when I flew in April last year, but I ended up watching a comedy instead. Not the right setting to watch such a movie, I thought!

    PS: Love the new header photo.


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