Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trip to the Solan Valley

Travelling to hill stations and visiting new places other than the usual ones are one of our favourites. Travelling has been a way of life after our marriage. Discovering and learning and the exposure by means of travel is something you just cannot get in books...

We have been to Shimla a lot of times, the last time we went to the hills, we thought of staying at Solan and discovering the place. A trip to feel the the quaint blue railway stations, to take a long walk through the rail tunnels, to see the Barog railway station and a ride in the hill train to Shimla was all we wanted. Solan, we found to be a busy hill station with lots of fruit markets. There was a good connectivity of buses to all places from Solan. We made sure we went to see the orchards near the Horticultural University enroute Rajagiri and Barog and Shimla.
See Solan through my camera eyes....
Bougainvilleas outside our windows in the small hotel,Solan
Quaint corridors in the small hotel
something about the small passages in the small hotels

Lovely light and patterns
our room

my little one stretching among the rails,solan railway station
Father and daughter taking a walk among the tunnels,I am behind them...
the tunnel
Rails so close,i kept my ear close to them,just for fun..
place to stand, if by chance the train passes by, lots of people walking along the tracks..

feet fetish
this flower was found all over the horticultural University

Blue bells
pink or violet
feet fetish...

Wait for more in the next part...Shimla and hill trains to come your way.
Images by Lakshmi Arvind


  1. hope you had a gr8 time there..good capture of flowers and the smoky town..

  2. We stayed once at the Barog station (you can rent rooms at the railway station itself) and walked up to Solan through the tunnels and all. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  3. You made Solan look nicer than it does in reality, Laksh! Love the shots of the bougainvillea window and the tunnels.

  4. Especially love the tunnel photo and the unusual close-up of the rails...wonderful!

  5. Thanks Deepa,Mridula,Shalini and Natalie for the lovely comments.
    Mridula:i have read your article and tried to stay in barog,but the station rooms were booked and rooms were available in the upper guest room.they said you have to climb..with my little one,it would be so difficult and somebody in the reviews had mentioned about the guest house not in good condition and food ,u will have to go along way..
    shalini:u know how solan is..i loved it,finding a place to stay is difficult.i went into 5 or 6 hotels and inspected the rooms and finally went here.this was avery nice and cute one and neat tooo..
    natalie:glad that you loved it.

  6. where did you get that quote about memories from?


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