Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hill trains and Shimla

We reached the summer capital of India, was a train journey that took us up hill.The uphill beauty couldnt be captured as the train was overcrowded and we literally had to stand throughout the journey.
Shimla is busier than it was in earlier days,with the International brands having their shops on the Mall Road,its become busier than a normal market.

We just wanted to stroll down the mall road,sit on the side benches in the mall road,some good food in some restaurant ,and some books from Minerva book house,these were the only things in mind when we thought of Shimla..

unending sky...
Shimla roads

railway bungalows
in the midst of the mall road..

Retiring bay...
Town hall,where children from some school were seated together

clock tower and church adjoining

lovley white windows
A store where u find old prints and maps,,

shops and shops everywhere
A bench where we sat hours

Lovely shop..we ate our lunch here
Biriyani,rice and Dal

Apple cake and chocolate cake

orange wall and pigeons and old house

In the honey hut,chcolate shake with honey,yummy

wow,cone icecream... 

Down hill and hill train...have tried to capture the various moods of the toy train journey..

The Historic  Barog station

Hope you all enjoyed the ride with me ,choooo....................
and on goes our travel like the train....
Fasten your seatbelts and travel with me ...
look forward to another journey...


  1. You captured the journey beautifully! Simla is so full of nostalgia for me. I love that you got a shot of Maria Brothers too, it's my fave shop in Simla, even though they seem to take the longest ever lunch breaks and have hiked up the prices ten-fold over the past few years. Also loved the shots of the train curling around mountains and over bridges. Lovely, really lovely.

  2. Beautiful picture essay. I have never been to Shimla but been to Barog and Chail both and I love that region.

  3. Awesome pics and description...makes me feel like just going there and spending a few lazy days in the lap of nature...

  4. Thanks Shalini,Mridula and Devi for the lovely comments.
    Shalini:Oh dont even speak about MAria brothers,...U wrote the correct thing,Longest ever lunch break.we waited till 5 for them to open,they did not open the time it was time for our train to go back to solan.
    It was closed from 1 o clock...i actually wanted to write about it,but,u wrote it...
    I wanted to include a shot of the Minerva book house,our fav joiny.we bought books worth thousands of rupees,dont even ask me ...
    There was a gift for Arvind too,Dan Brown,his fav series...
    Mridula:should go once,it all hill.u walk and get tired..chaavi wont walk,she will have to be put in a pram
    devi:must go yeah

  5. thanks for visiting my blog and for the comments, i enjoy yours

  6. oh take me to Maria kind of store!

    excellent photo essay xo

  7. hey u r a good photographer or a narrator it is hard to tell..I only know i enjoyed a lot going throug your post.I always wanted to go to shimla..still havent but will soon be there

  8. when i saw this post i was thinking u havent written much abt the trip - but then the pictures are telling a lot :) thnx for sharing


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