Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Holi !

*Holi,a festival of colours.Not much celebrated at our home
*But we bought colours this time for Photoshoots.Colours and flowers ,a gorgeous combination at home,the whole frames and the moods lifted us to a new level.Salabanjhika-"torch bearers" at my home,had hands full of colours and flowers,flowers and colours had an amazing fragrance...colours which fell on the news paper,looked like a star sprankled night sky.we simply gazed at the colours and flowers
*It was all of a sudden , my little one started sprinkling colours on her and on all of us,then it was a play of colours at home,captured some colourful moments
*amazing images of the celebrations of our life to yours
*hope you all enjoy the flower colours

Images and Ideas conceived By Lakshmi Arvind
Please dont copy or steal images.


  1. How lovely... Amazing header.. Loved it!!

    All the pics are sooooooo beautiful!!

    Happy Holi to you & your family!!

  2. Wow! Such wonderful bright colors, awaken many senses in me. Sounds like you had a nice celebration - happy holi!

  3. So vibrant and exciting! Fabulous!

  4. lovely lovely pics always!
    We too had a great holi celebrations out here :-)

  5. Beautiful photos Lakshmi, a very happy holi to you and your family too!

  6. The new banner looks so gorgeous. And all that gulal smeared all over is exotic.

    It shows you had a wonderful Holi. :-)

  7. full of colours.....well captured

  8. Really beautiful post and your pictures are stunning.

  9. Lovely! As always :)

    I have something for you :)

  10. Love the ways you've captured colours here.. Very artistic :)

  11. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Lovely photos.

  12. Again...magic. Pure magic. As befitting a photoculturist... :-)


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