Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Marigolds and Marriage

*M is for MArigold
*M is for MArriage
*Beautiful marriage between marigolds and other flowers
*The smell of jasmine when you are standing quietly in a garden on a moolit night….(yes,I love jasmine:))..the way we use marigolds for everything..:)from festivals to weddings to gods and even on a last journey….flowers are so much a part of us…are we the only country that uses flowers so?:)
*The roses as an offering to Shiva…the white jasmine in venis and gajras…:)( humming genda phool are you?)*The way a certain sacredness pervades our life at every corner..lowers
*The Indian wedding flower
*marvellous colours indeed
*we followed the tradition by using marigolds and jasmine for the flower decoration for this marriage
*A din of bells, drums, and chants; the mingled odour of incense and jasmine flowers wound around the bushy tuft of charcoal black hair of women
*The flute and violin that sang a thousand ragas
*the beautiful semblance of flowers,lamps and Nettipattom(the ornamental headgear for temple elephants during festive occassions and also the beaded umbrella (Muthukuda)used only during festive occassions)

headgears of the elephants are all gold plated
*marriage resembled a big festive occassion for the family.
*the sheer riot of colors ..the zari,gota,salma sitaara..:)the beauty that is in them
*kancheepurams this time brought were all in shades of light pink to bright pink to oranges for the family....

*the cacophony of noises,the medley of colours…

*sarees in and jewellery in ……the sheer confusion of it all…and yet where else would one find this beautiful insanity?
*The sheer love of jewellery that we seem to have…its absolute madness…and yet not madness…
it was an occassion to see all pinks and orange kancheepurams
*The bride adorned a bright chilly red saree
*The way we celebrate marriage here is with our heart and souls
*Its a Celebration of Life
*I almost smelt the marigolds and roses and jasmines while writing......
*We wait for more occassions and more marigolds......


  1. oh gosh... so much of gold.. Love the brightness of the flowers & the gold... marriages are fun for sure!

  2. Wow, what lovely shots. I really loved all the ones of the bride....she looks really lovely.

  3. You always have the best pictures dont you :) so dreamy and nice .You should have been a photographer not a horticulturist:)

  4. Beautiful pics.. Loved everything... the marigolds, pot of coconut flowers, elephant masks,... it looks lovely.

  5. Oh my goodness...this is all just so beautiful. Your photographs are so beautiful and the prose is poetry... you're a photo-culturist!

  6. I loved your sister's shots - despite the face not being shown here, I can imagine her expressions only too well - the mood is captured so well!


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