Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweets for all,Good News....

Gulabjamuns on the King Fisher flight,way home,Kerala
*you may all be wondering!is it so?
*Have some sweets
*Its Celebrations at home
*Its my only sister's wedding
*On my way home,into the greeneries and the world of sloping tiles ,backwaters and lakes
*Into the music season with my grandma
*world of togetherness
*moments to cherish
*radiant star lit eveings
*the fragrance of mallippoo
*The prosperity of marigolds and turmeric
*Kancheepurams and Photoshoots..
*takes me five years back to my wedding season
*enjoyments at home
*prayers and blessings
*live happily forever
*will bring you lot of images and lovely moments


  1. you get gulab jamuns on a flight - jealous - we get peanuts :(

    Enjoy the wedding festivities - looking forward to more colorful pictures from the event.

  2. Have fun at the wedding. Love the new Holi inspired header.

  3. thats a gr8 news for you..Have fun and celebration..

  4. sounds wonderful!! I look forward to visiting Kerala someday. Enjoy. =)

  5. Have a good time and best wishes for the wedding!

  6. Lovely pics... denoting celebrations and happiness. Wish you have a good time.

  7. Sunlight lighting up a 'sweet' time. An occasion to cherish even after it over. Must have been a great time.


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