Friday, April 16, 2010

The Fragrance of Vishu

Misty feeling when u open your eyes before Lord Krishna,My Lord Krishna,I love you
Five wick oil lamp,the auspicious lamp,
Beauty of the vishu flower,bud

The small bananas glowing
vishu flowers

My Lord in a golden glow

We wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Yesterday was Vishu...
The New year, beckoned new hopes and tones for the year ahead;
Vishu as a whole is a package of dream rituals for any one....
*The Yellow golden" Vishu Flower,Amaltas"
*Momentous and resplendent ritual of seeing the offerings along with the Lord ,called "Vishu kani'
*The "Vishu Kaineetam",offering of money from elders to the younger ones
*Strings of nostalgic memories...,childhood especially
*Memories just drip in from the time I take my urulis for polishing and then it continues for some days even after vishu is over and long forgotten
*Memories as fresh as ever...lingering in the minds for ever...
*The Happy "Vishu Sadya"
*Bursting of "Vishu crackers"
Surely the melody of Vishu has still not lost its charm

Images and Ideas conceived By Lakshmi Arvind
Pl do not copy images nor steal them.Images are copy right..


  1. Lovely photos....really liked the one with the amaltas.

  2. Not easy lighting to get such photographs. Beautifully done.

  3. lovely Vishu pictures!

    hope little Gayatri and you had a nice kanni and sadya :)

  4. Lovely lovely pics, our vishu is almost always in bright light since the sun rises so early here by April


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