Friday, April 2, 2010

Mellow Memories

*Mellow Memories
*Missing home
*Missing the togetherness
*Missing the evening tea times
*Missed the simple meal on banana leaves
Missing the reflections,shadows and mellow light
*Missing the hibiscus blooms ,that went into different urulis each day
*Missing the flooring which helped me capture all the reflections in its true spirit
*I miss each moment i spent ....
*Memories of home... It is music which will open your heart and heal your soul as you take a journey ...
*simple things which helped me make compostions
*frames just get set into mind 
*moments of laughter and joy
*moments of separation,swelling tears in eyes
*To wipe your tears away put your head on my shoulder cause daddy's here . ...
*I am extremely blessed to have a wonderful husband
*Moments spent in celebration


  1. So much nostalgia in this post. I love all the shots, but the ones of the banana and red dupatta are so striking. Also love the close up of the chai on the wicker chair.

  2. luving the way u make beautiful pictures out of simple things, lakshmi! i have to travel atleast 100kms from home to get a good picture :) and u r able to take better pictures from home! wonderful!

  3. what a picture !!! beautiful:)) your so talented

  4. Lakshmi
    wonderful pictures. are you from kerala.
    Liked your photos and the words too. wishing you all the success


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