Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Relax,Sip and Enjoy

*Come relax and enjoy at home
*Thats what we think when we start off on our visit to the home town
*Last month at home had been busy with wedding,sorting out sarees,making jewellery,ordering running errands and inviting.....
*In between the last minute busy schedules,I tried my level best to have some time for myself,enjoying the warm sun,sipping tea,the morning light,my favourite grills and windows and so on....
*Some spa treatments at home,relax and enjoy for less....
*Late morning oil baths at home
*Some routines we still try and practice at home
*Practiced by grandma and passed on to mom and then trying to pass it onto the generations next
*Hibiscus leaves happily wait for us to be pressed and give us the green juice,thts what i told my little one
*Turmeric makes us fair ,Coconut scrub for the skin ,tulsi and flowers for the  hair.....
*Now that the bath is over and the simple meal at home on banana leaf is over ,its time for a nap
*Nap times werent much this time at home,but we managed some ...
*While i take my nap,do enjoy the images

Ideas and Images conceived by Lakshmi Arvind
Please dont copy images nor steal them


  1. What a languorous vacation you have described! Almost like spa time :-)

    Love the way you are able to evoke memories and create images with your words.

  2. Lakshmi, something is missing these days. All that you post look the same. Its tea, play of light some flowers thrown in here there...Somehow its getting a little monotonous.

  3. such an amazing break.. Its like having 'me' time.. Can I join you next time??

    Love the images... the food looks yuuuummmm..

  4. This is full of AWESOMENESS!!
    lovely work :)

  5. I love you pictures - especially the weddings ones in the previous post :) I love you happy blog. Anytime I miss India, I just need to hop on over to your blog :)

  6. Barely needed the photographs after the blog title, frosting on the cake, m'dear. :) Lovely as always.

  7. Thanks Shalini for the wonderful Comments

    Thanks Anon.,I appreciate your views..
    But Tea and flowers and light is what i love all about and this blog is all about the loving things I do.I cannot avoid that;-)

    Sorry if you are feeling monotonous on those issues...

    Thanks Pat,Aarti,Pinkdogwood and Natalie,love you all


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