Friday, July 9, 2010

Haridwar-Gateway to Gods

Before the start of summer vacations,we decided to have a quick visit to the hills(Upper Dehradun),enroute Haridwar.
HAridwar a photographers delight...
Haridwar always is a fascination for a photographer and it is the same way with me too.

It was as though i felt the presence of gods there in each frame I saw.
We just had a quick walk along the main bathing ghat,Har ki Pauri .
There were prayers to be offered at the holy Ghat of Hari-ki-Pauri (Steps to God/Heaven - now we know why its 'holy')and a must-have dip for the kids.
There were a number of people at the ghats having a holy dip and my little also had to have a dip.

Images have been clicked by Lakshmi Arvind
pl do not copy or steal


  1. Oh lovely.. yes.. there is a visible presence of God.. Lovely pics.. Laksh.. makes me want to travel to Haridwar..

  2. Love how you visually cropped these...hard to choose, but the red hats are probably my favorite...gorgeous!

  3. Loved all the shots - seriously you had fun clicking didnt' you? :)

  4. What fantastic light in all the shots.

  5. Lovely frames.. They speak the day-day activities at Haridwar. :) wish to visit the place one.

  6. loved all the images. esp of the boy selling flowers. and orange always makes India look so India :)

  7. Faith has solace. Its nice to visit such places where you get to see a slice of life.
    Some nice pics there.


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