Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Days in Beautiful Bangalore

*The first part of the summer vacation was spent in Bangalore at my sisters house.
*Bangalore is where i studied and spent 7 good years of my life,before marriage and after *marriage
*Its where my dreams came true:)-
*I can never forget Bangalore for the charms and vibes the city gave......
*The cubbon park,commercial,shivaji nagar where i took umpteen buses,hebbal,koramangala and yelahanka where we stayed,the weather and for all that Bangalore has given me
*Roaming in commercial and juices from ganesh fruit juice centre and thalis and filter coffees from kamath are unforgettable.
*Can never forget the joys and sorrows that Bangalore gave me
*Even if we dont stay in that city now ,a visit to the city just refreshes us even today.
*As always the day starts with a chai and the innumerable shadows that i followed in the house and the Bangalore times and the flowers on the table that spread a cheer in the house
*more stories to follow.....

a hot cup of tea and shadows in bangalore,probabaly the first shot in bangalore
loving the lengthy shadows
Bangalore times and tea and flowers
cant count how many shots have been taken of these:)- in madness....
pinks i adore
yellows that greet us
what deadly shadows

intoxicating fragrance of mallipooo...
yeah i took my camera everywhere...

wait for more stories....

images and ideas conceived and clicked by Lakshmi Arvind
pl do not steal images,do not copy


  1. I love Bangalore too, and really miss the time when we lived there. The people are so friendly and I loved the fresh flowers everywhere. And of course, it has the best weather in the country.

    You've brought back lovely memories.

  2. Lovely fotos and kapi man :D Kapi makes the world go around :D My sasural will be Bangalore from now although am not going to live there. So far very pleasant impressions :)

  3. Ah, you love chasing shadows, too... I really like your profile shot; that was a really good one. H


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