Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm Back !

Its almost a month since i posted and I'm back home in Delhi and its raining ,Oh Ghosh!

I left the monsoons in Kerala to meet them here,as always monsoons follow me where I am:)- I am lucky..

The sweltering heat in Delhi has come down and the rains have brought its charm to the city.As i unpack the bags and settle back,thought would say hi to all of you.I missed being here and missed everyone very much.

Let me tell you all as all vacations,these also had been wonderful with a canon wide angle,10-20 mm,brought recently before the trip, lots of photographs taken, parents around and pampering and homely food,some memorable train journeys and trips to our villages at alleppey and kochi, back waters,temples and a lot more.

The highlight of the trip was a brief stop over in blore and then proceeded to Kerala.In bangalore ,we were there for a few days and what we did was to go around commercial,fab india koramangala and a wonderful trip to seebi,Narasimhaswamy temple.

As usual,the essence of the trips are captured in a different way which will come in the following posts.

So do wait for the posts...


  1. Oh nice.. You sure had a lovely break.. I cant wait to see all the lovely photos... :-)

  2. iam going on a trip to alleppey after a week...gr8 to know you had fun:)

  3. The blog header picture is so beautiful.

  4. Great to see you back online...looking forward to seeing all the photos and reading about what you were up to :-)


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