Thursday, July 8, 2010

Frames from a train journey in Kerala....

*Train journeys are an indispensible part in our life.
*It might be too difficult to point out anyone hwo hasn't travelled in trains among us???
*Train journeys with parents might be the first hand experience for us and for me and for so many of us..

*Just imagine when the parents turn grandparents,it would be wonderful to watch them together gel with their grandchildren and in turn i went back to the times,of a father and daughter.
*They were playing ,reading and also posed readily when requested.

*These frames are to be framed and kept,thts been decided when i clicked
*The shadows deep convey a lot of emotions and love
and did the tears from my eyes make the camera wet??
*love these frames .....
* and hope u love them toooo,........


  1. What wonderful photos. I love how engrossed Gaya was with the scenery outside. You got some really great shots. The close up of her is print and frame it.

  2. aaaawwwww... gorgeous pics.. Your little one looks sooooooooo pretty!!

  3. Welcome back! Great photos working with such low light.


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