Sunday, August 30, 2009

Walking its way into Onam

Its Onam...
Onam the Harvest festival
The Monsoons make its way for Onam,there is greenery and celebrations around,and its time to reap the harvest and rejoice with nature.
Golden sunshine,Multihued flowers and Onam..........Onam suddenly brings about memories of bygone times at home when celebrations were synonymous with Onam days.
Onam season brings about a string of memories.Memories of friendship,swings and childhood
Boat races,sumptuous feast ,new clothes and pookalams are abiding images of Onam.Longing for home as always..Longing to be back into the childhood days ,where we used to celebrate it at my Dad's traditional house Get togethers of the families,gifting each other clothes called the Ona-koddi,watching movies and lot of merry making.
I still remember the fun we used to have picking flowers for making the Pookalam (Flower Carpet)n
Gathering flowers for the pookalam is associated with memories of a handful of flowers one used to collect from paddy fields and hedges.Onam is all about Onasadya,the Onam lunch with mouth watering dishes and savouries and sweets.


  1. Lovely memories of Onam! I like how you've described it, so emotionally, yet with so much detail.

  2. manage to put together amazing photo compositions out of otherwise ordinary looking ingredients of an Onam meal....waiting to see the post-onam lunch post...With Yummy images...

  3. Happy Onam Lakshmi and thanks for dropping by at Lifealicious

  4. Thanks shalini,Sandeep and Komal-Nishka.
    Komal..i welcome you to my blog.thanks for the visit often


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