Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Re-living the Bygone Era.........

Summer vacations are an opportunity to revisit the places which hold a special place in our heart.A trip to the Palace of the erstwhile Maharaja of Travancore was definitely on our itinerary this summer.The palace stands proud as a living example of the bygone era.

It was a royal journey through the elegance and splendour of the royalty at that time..Getting transcended to the era of The Maharajas ,Horse chariots and Palanquins...Could I hear some galloping and marching of the soldiers..I did close my eyes for a minute to listen carefully...My mind wandered aimlessly thinking,of the life they lived.My little one hopped and jumped ,taking fallen flowers,,I felt her on "my path" when she took a fallen leaf and placed it on the shadows and asked me to shoot..Some Feet fetish shots .Feeling the hands of the temple goddesses kept outside the main shrine in the palace,an act which we would never bother to..

An amazing experience of the pomp and splendour of the Yesteryears.The beauty and charm of the palace,the pillars,columns,courtyards,amazing shadows,Celebration of the light and darkness....
It was a journey into the Sound ,light,dusk and darkThey stood as a fine reminder to the things we experienced in this journey.Thought the Palace wanted to whisper a thousand stories and moods into my ears..
The majestic palace left me captivated,I stood there thinking how much laughter, sorrow, cries and life might have passed on till now..

The throne where the Maharajas sat, the bed, the swing beds, the chairs, benches and the paintings on the walls, the long corridors, the wooden flooring, the wooden steps, the antique jaalis, windows each had its own interesting tale, if only they could speak, the visit would have never ended, nor would have the stories...................

Please visit Celebrations Decor  for a behind the scenes look at the Palace.


  1. Lovely photos...especially the footy shots :-) Yes, just imagine that so much history took place where you stood.

  2. I visited this palace sometime in the early 80's and I still remember how beautiful it was.

  3. Just love your blog and will follow it. I adore india and do indian dance. Lovely pictures. Have a great week,
    Rosa from Portugal

  4. thanks for all your comments.
    Elizabeth:thanks for following my blog.
    Shalini:yeah its wonderful,You should visit it.
    Arya:Its very beautiful.
    Bikim:thanks for following my blog.i am happy that you love the posts and pictures.welcome you to my blog.

  5. I don't know if it's the pictures or the words that I liked better...or maybe both:)

    Lovely visuals. I got transported to that place. One can actually feel the serenity. It's a shame I've never been to this place though I keep travelling to Kerala quite often.


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