Thursday, August 20, 2009

in Fort Kochi...

There's always something at Fort Kochi  anytime you visit her...We have visited her umpteen times.
the streets,boutique hotels and cafes and much more........

Princess Street is one of the most famous attractions of a visit to famous city of Fort Kochi.
There are several beautiful old houses built in European style or colonial style.Almost all the famous old homes of Fort Kochi are situated on the Princess Street.Buildings are simply beautiful with their shedding pastel colors, and flower pot laden windowsills.The Loafer’s Corners provides tourists excellent views of Princess Street.

Many cafes catering to your tastes and Heritage hotels stand lined up before you in each street.

Reasonably priced good food at Dal roti

Colours liberally used on the walls,doors and windows seemed to amuse us.

Interesting signboards on view.

Idiom Booksellers where one can exchange old books for new.

Come back with lots more .....................


  1. Loved the walk! I found it really interesting to explore this area as well. I really liked Princess Street, it seemed to have the most interesting buildings. It was really hot and sunny when we were there, even though it was December end.

    PS: The green window on Princess Street, is the same place where I took a shot too...the one that's in the header currently!

  2. Great ramble, Lakshmi. Fort Kochi is one of my favourite places in Kerala. There's so much of history there in a very mellow sort of way.

  3. I really enjoyed the walk. So interesting to read all the signboards and see the shops .... especially the booksellers. I see you enjoy Paul Coelho too. I've just bought his latest one to read on holiday .... The Winner Stands Alone.


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