Monday, August 17, 2009

Of Peacock Feathers and Young Gods !

A Happy janmashtami to you all!In the rich hues of the peacock feathers,in the dripping sweetness of pedas,laddus and bal mithais,i see you my Krishna;As the wind wafts into my windows i can hear you my Krishna,The tender feet of my little one reminds me of you my Krishna,As I close my eyes ,I see you laugh,the laughter that takes away my mind my Krishna;As I open my eyes I can see you running to hide my Krishna,

Krishna I am Melting,melting melting,Nothing remains but you...

all images lakshmi arvind


  1. What a beautiful post Lakshmi. I know very little about traditional festivals and it was wonderful to read how you celebrated the day. Loved the photo of the footprints.

  2. Lakshmi... such a lovely post!! Such impressive photos.. I loved them all!! Happy Janmashtami....

  3. Love love love the last four pictures!

  4. Thanks for loving my post.Thanks shalini,patricia and Arya

  5. My first time here. I loved your blog and the way you portray your photos.

    Combination of white & red is a treat alongwith peacock feathers.

    P.S.- Can you pls enable the Name/URL option for commenting ? This blogger id will take you to my older blog.
    The current URL is

    I also wanted to comment on your other posts but since name/url option is not available, I'll wait.

    You are also obsessed with feet. :-)
    See this post of mine


  6. Thanks cuckoo for your kind words and lovely comments.
    I have enabled the anyone can comment option.So i think you can comment.if you cannot let me know.please do comment on others as well.i saw your posts and i will surely comment on them there.


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