Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Through the Monsoons

Loving Rains as truly as i love sunshine.Rains begin in Delhi and thoughts of home come rushing.Reviving memories is a part of Rains,its undoubtedly for all..I watched Rains silently..I always felt Rain as a character,where it functioned as a mood setter and metaphor.The kinetics and dynamism Rains give are immense.Rains does represent different feelings,from romance to nostalgia.
Raindrops like tears,wash away ones mind,splashes thoughts into ones mind, red muddy pools in front of the house.

Des Raag fades into silence in my thoughts..
The downpour refreshed ones mind,body and soul,isn't it true?My Cosmos flowers shedded its petals in the rain.The sight and sound of the rains takes you into a dream..I love and enjoy monsoons and raindrops..
Just a journey into the vastness and glory of rains...

Giving company are Paulo Coelho and Oranges and the collectors items of Rain on display..........


  1. Oh how I envy you Lakshmi!!! You are indeed so lucky... I long for the rains and wait eagerly.. and cherish the week that it rains!! Your summary is excellent..

  2. I'm enjoying the rains thanks to your lovely posts. Like Patricia, I too long for the rains here eagerly.

    I love how you put it that the rain refreshes the mind, body and soul. That's so true.

  3. Beautiful the posts of yours and pics... they have a signature style... i just love them

  4. it is a beautiful read. we're getting a little bit of rain here and there. it will all be gone soon :)

  5. WoW....lovely pics along with the words...simply beautiful!

  6. Nice pictures and the quotes.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great to know we share a similar interest. Hope to see you around and exchange tips...
    You are superb at photography....will keep coming back for more...



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