Monday, January 25, 2010

A Bunch of Afternoon shadows..

*are shadows lifes patterns?
*Bay windows at home
*grill work casts shadows,giving depth
*grills designed by my dad
*Life of the window
*Grown up with them,seeing them and their shadows;
*do these shadows breathe life
*they definitely breathe life to my images
**they make each image of mine a celebration of shadows and definitely life in a way;
*I do have spend hours sitting near them ,noticing the patterns they make each mode of the day..
*I always sit besides the window,looking out to the blue sky and the rains,dark green trees and the garden path..
*listening music and noticing the shadows ,thts what i did last vacations
*they definitely helped in noticing the finer things of life...
*a bunch of images ,a series of them,just taken to notice the shadows and its patterns..
*sitting near the windows,one afternoon with a book called "Monsoon Dairy" and some betel leaves floating in an uruli,took me to a "fairy land of shadows"...
*I opened the drapes and that took me ...
**.........into a Wonderland of it so,dont u all think?
**I think i am in love with each image below..
*this is just the beginning of shadows and its patterns
*lots more to be on your way
*by the way you keep reading while i am on the look out for more shadows...


  1. Lovely shadows and captures!!
    It gives a feeling of soft touch in harsh lights... just superb!

  2. What fantastic shadows! I love how you notice them...and love how you wrote that the shadows and windows breathe life into your photos....such a wonderful description.

  3. u are a grt photographer i must say with greater imagination


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