Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Revisiting some old images...

*Its too wintery here
*it's too cold these days
*just too cold to have done some thing today
*getting out of the blanket seemed too impossible
*I am sitting in the bedroom,sipping my tea,watching the streets through the window
*parks remain rather empty these days
*see one old couple taking their evening walks
*mighty wind is having his moment...
*Going through some images,which have never been uploaded
*all of them taken during the last summer vacations at my parents home
*All images are  celebrations of life in a way,celebrations at home,the togetherness times....
*all these images and a lot more take me into a world of nostalgic moments and memories,down south...
*who doesnt love colors?
*who doesnt love flowers?


  1. Oh such a perfect way to bring sunshine into your life :-) I loved all the images...especially the one with the teapot mat and the cheery tray...superb little compositions, with each one telling a story of it's own.

  2. *sigh* such amazing images... how inspiring... I can sit here and see them all night.. What lovely colours...

    Only someone colour blind... will not like colours..

  3. Hey ur pics give comfort to eyes..I get a feeling as if i m sitting at home spending a lazy sunday with a hot cup of tea..grt work


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