Monday, January 11, 2010

An evening in Veli Tourist Village,Thiruvananathapuram

*Summer Vacations are always celebrated in its own pomp and splendour right from childhood.
*It never used to be to far off places ,but places in and around our home towns.
*Our summers last year also had been really busy travelling.
*In away educating and exposing the little one to the land where she belongs,isnt that wonderful?
*My little one was pleasantly surprised by her summer vacation experience..
*Most of the last summers were spend along the backwaters,lagoons and beaches .
*Backwaters,lagoons ,lakes,canals ,estuares and rivers doesnt need a special mention.
*The basis of a distinct lifestyle and a fascinating thoroughfare. 
 *All forms a prominent part of the panoramic landscape of Kerala.
*A Veli Tourist Village evening...
*It was monsoons ,so it was raining continuously,some parts were full of water..

The Veli Tourist Village is sandwiched between the Veli Lagoon and the Arabian Sea. The lagoon here is separated from the sea by a narrow sand bar.

Famous sculpture by the famous artist Kanayi Kunhiraman 

 A floating bridge that connects the village to the beach.Waterfront park,lagoon where the boating is done.During monsoons,waterlevel raises and boating is closed
Sulptures by the artist Kanayi

Sculptures by Kanayi

Sculptures by Kanayi
Plumerias in bloom everywhere

Fragrance of the future

My little one didnt forget to pose her little feet along with fallen plumerias


  1. Lovely ... lovely! Lucky to be vacationing in such a place..!!

  2. Looks like such a dreamy and unspoiled spot.

  3. Beautiful place...had always heard abt it. Should make it someday :)

    Thanks for your words of encouragement.
    Good Day!

  4. Lovely photos as usual Lakshmi. Interesting to see Kanayi's sculptures.

  5. Hi Lakshmi i just loved this place it is so very beautiful..Thanx for ur post


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