Friday, January 15, 2010

my first Baking....

*I never imagined i could bake cakes
*I have eaten cakes baked by my mom
*After getting into flickr and reading blogs,way too inspired to bake a cake
*Thanks to all my inspirations Shalini,Archana,Asha,Shilpa and Silpam...
*It seems to me like afairy tale ending
*They baked ,made cakes and ate and lived happily everafter....
My first banana bread
posing with my little flowers floating


  1. You too... have started baking.. Lakshmi... Am I the only one left out??? :-(

    The cake looks yuuuummmmm.....

  2. LOVE IT, did I miss the recipe? wud love to try that! Lakshmi...thnq again for dropping by and for the sweet messages!

  3. Yummaliscious Laksh! So thrilled to see baking shots on your blog and flickr stream too! The light in the first shot is really wonderful!

    Lol, Patricia, yup it's time for you to start too :-))

  4. Hey that banana bread sounds yummy. Would love to try it myself


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