Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wishes for a prosperous New year

*Hope you all enjoyed the holidays..last days of the year:)
*holidays were fun and magical,they got over so soon,eventhough i dont go to school
*christmas cakes,flowers and light everywhere
*last year was full  with unending trips and travels to many places 
*Lots of photosessions at home
*waiting for the light to make its way into our home
*the biting cold
*Blowers working continuously at home to give us heat
*New year was celebrated by a long drive to the corbett  in a resort and waking up to the gurgles of the ramganga river and coolness of the corbett hills
*Drive refreshed us and energised the spirits for the full year
*I have lots to share, so be with me 
*Come with me all the way from Kerala to the hills of of Uttarakhand,jeolikot,shimla,solan, to the colourful desert city of Jaipur and from there once more to the foot hills of himalayas...
*All trips getting to start its beautiful way in to the minds of the readers,inspiring you..
*Meanwhile i shall start updating my other blog,celebrationsdecor too.
*keep reading,enjoy and write to me 
*wishing you all a wonderful 2010


  1. Hey Lakshmi,
    Awesome pictures!! Very lovely and lively!!
    Its a great inspiration for color..
    Nice work!

  2. Thanks Yeah Aarti.Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog posts.

  3. luved the creative and colorful frames u came up with - wish u a gr8 2010 as well

  4. *loved this post, and the photos
    *thanks for dropping by
    *wishing a splendid 2010 to you

  5. Hope the new year continues your travels! Lovely shots L, the cakes look yummy!


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