Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Spring-Court your share of sunshine!

No matter how long the winter, the spring is sure to follow. Spring time is my favourite season.
 wintry sun begins to turn warm and days get longer.Flowers bloom in full splendour, mango flowers in full bloom.Ice cream vendors calls in distant .Spring is a favourite time for my home improvement projects. Has plenty of daylight to work. Spring is when I fell in love with flickr. 

That part of my life where I learnt that even the mundane details of everyday life is interesting and I am not the only one in the world who thinks so. One of the highlights has been starting my blog.Festival of Holi is to be celebrated in full splendour and joy.Renewal of my passport has been done.Visited the much awaited Basant Baazaar(Dastkar Mela). Many unread books on the shelf. Walking over fallen leaves and Gayatri collecting fallen flowers and pods and asking me the reason why they fall down? Putting away the winter clothes and thick rajais. Lots of drycleaning work to be done.Time for Fresh florals and fruity print patterns.Curtains to be changed and a whole lot of work at home...
 Bought a whole lot of plants and sown some seeds of cosmos and zinnia last Sunday.


  1. Lovely spring-time list!
    I like spring for its freshness and sense of renewal. And longer days too!

    Hey, just thought I'd ask...Kanchan at Elan and me are starting out a monthly list feature on our blogs, since we both love to make lists, and it would be cool if you did it too!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments and inviting me for a monthly list of feature on my blog.Surely i shall do that.

  3. hello there,

    Lovely list....and yes welcome to our list-mania :-) Hope you too would enjoy it!


  4. Hello kanchan,
    welcome to my blog and thanks for loving my blog.Thanks for welcoming to the list mania:-)I am surely going to enjoy it.


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