Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nostalgia-Vacation-Last winter

Mind set on a nostalgic mood.The mood gives rise to a nostalgic yearning for bygone simplicity Nostalgia, can be simply equated with with the remembrance of things in the past, or better understood as an abdication of memory. It makes the past a foreign country.

Today let me take you to our days of the last winter when we set on our lovely journey to South Coorg. Travelling is an experience in itself which we love to indulge always,but for our schedule....Travelling to Coorg has been one of our itineraries since long.We wanted to go into a wonderful journey into the thick tropical forests,myriad streams and waterfalls and miles of spice,paddy and coffee plantations in Coorg.

Coorg (Kodagu) in Karnataka in South India is a beautiful hill resort. Coorg is also known as the Scotland of India because of its hills, picturesque towns and mist covered mountains.We experienced the real flavor of Coorg amidst the greens staying in a heritage home ,called "The Jade" ,situated in the valley of Brahmagiri hill range. A true paradise for the holidayers, the beauty of this 170 year old Kodava home is retained without losing its charm and regality. You could look forward for an authentic experience of the culture, cuisine and hospitality of the Kodavas to the fullest. Close proximity to Nagarhole, Waynad and Iruppu falls makes your stay even more exciting.

The Jade Home Stay-Kutta,Coorg

Front viewSide ViewSwing near one room
Bamboo swing Hills at a distantTea is served hereDining Table
River flowing across the property and love seat for the perfect evenings
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  1. Had heard about this homestay.. nice pics.. what are their rates?

    Good to see rivers still have enough water

  2. Thanks shrinidhi for loving the pictures.Their rates are 1750/day.It includes complimentary breakfast for the days you are there.Pay extra for the lunch and dinner.
    it was raining time.All rivers were full when we went.We went during the last week of October.

  3. Wow, I want to go there, Lakshmi! It looks like a fabulous place and that little river and benches are so tempting. Definitely noting this place down for future trips. Thanks so much for sharing.

    PS: I know what you mean about trip nostalgia...I've been going through travel withdrawl symptoms!

  4. Thanks Shalini,for your lovely comments.I knew you will love it.You will also love the place.Please do go.They know me very well too.

  5. The place looks cool.
    Homely pics.

    I would wish to go there once.

  6. I welcome you both to my blog Praeo and Mridula and thanks both of you for your lovely comments.

  7. Lovely post!

    We are planning a trip to Coorg again and have been researching on good homestays....thanks for the info:-)


  8. Thanks Archana.This is the best home stay you can find in South Coorg.If you go once you feel like going again.Lovely place ,lovely people,lovely food.What else do you want,when you want to relax?But they charge you for tea:)


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