Friday, March 13, 2009

The Forgotten - Early Afternoon Journey into the Past

Here is a treasure trove of the Dilli city that, like most other heritage sites, lie in oblivion – slowly decaying and dying. This was an early afternoon spent by us immersed in the history of the Tughlaq dynasty.The first sight and it took my breath away.Its sad that it doesnt come in the tour itinery of the travel agenices.

AGRASEN KI BAOLI: Hidden among the skyscrapers of Connaught Place, is the 60-metre long and 15-metre wide stepwell Agrasen Ki Baoli (on Hailey Road). Some of its parts are always immersed in water. The visible parts consist of three levels, lined with arched niches on both sides. Resembling Tughlaq period architectures, it was probably constructed by the Agrawal community (tracing back to Maharaja Agrasen).

This beautiful thousand-year-old stepwell, with the towers of Connaught Place in the background, will impress you. As you go down the steps to each of the five floors, you sink back in time, until all that seems real are the towering walls and the massive neem tree that shades it.

The Entrance to the well

View into the well...100 steps down

View of the arches surrounding the well

View from below

Neem tree sheltering the well


  1. Wow, how wonderful. I must visit this spot next time I'm in town. In a way, it's good that it's not on the tour itineraries as it would probably be overrun with trash from juice bottles and bags of chips.

  2. As always you liked it.Thanks shalini for your lovely comments.At present its maintained by the archaeological dept.Its a mystery,worth to be seen.Just two steps up and you are on top of the well.I felt slightly giddy too.

  3. This place is probably Delhi's best kept secret...Good shots. In between, I've added you to my links. Keep the good work going.

  4. Welcome to my blog Sandeep.Nice that you liked my post.Will definitely keep on posting ,will wait for your lovely comments.

  5. wonderful!!! Just wonderful!! Lovely captures!

  6. Thanks Patricia for being a follower and for your lovely comments.


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